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Taiwan Hualien District Court




This court was called the ”Hualien Port Branch of Taipei District Court’’ during Japan occupied time. After Taiwan restoration, the court was changed to the ”Taiwan Hualien Port District Court’’ . Then this court was officially named the ”Taiwan Hualien District Court’’ in 1950 AD.
Its jurisdiction area covers 1 city ( Hualien City ) and 12 towns (Shincheng, Fenglin, Jian, Yuli, Shioulin, Juoshi, Wanrung, Fengbin, Fuli, Rueisuei, Guangfu,Shoufeng). The Pacific Ocean is at the east side of this court , and the west side is the famous Taroko. Beautiful scenery is one of the characteristics of this region.
This court maintains 2 summary divisions which includes Hualien and Yuli summary division. In September 2004 , the civil execution recording section was moved to Hualien summary division in order to fully use the office building.

  • Release Date:2021-04-29
  • Update:2021-04-30